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AI Cloning Countermeasures.

Introducing Wolfsbane AI: Protect your content, voice, IP and identity from unauthorized AI cloning and deepfakes.
Patent Pending 63/621954



Put Out Content with Peace of Mind.

Put Out Content with Peace of Mind


Wolfsbane is a self-serve online tool that allows YOU to protect against unauthorized AI clones and deepfakes. You simply upload and process any content that uses your voice before distribution. Wolfsbane technology acts as a countermeasure against most generative AI cloning tools.


A Problem That Affects You


Anyone whose likeness and voice is made publicly available via content can benefit from Wolfsbane.

Are you a Entertainer, influencer, or public figure?  If so Contact Us to learn more about leveraging our technology to protect your IP and identity from AI cloning.


"Wolfsbane Countermeasures significantly reduce the risk that your published content will be used for unauthorized AI training, clones and deepfakes."



A team experienced in Content Protection
Since 2000

Play Cubed is founded by Randy Saaf, Octavio Herrera, Fazri Zubair, and Noah Edelman.  Our team has been together for over 8 years, with Randy and Octavio having worked together for over 20 years. Randy and Octavio are proven entrepreneurs with two successful exits valuing nearly $400M.  


Randy and Octavio co-founded P2P content protection pioneer MediaDefender in 2000. MediaDefender was used by every major music label and movie studio and was acquired by ARTISTDirect in 2005. Our team also has a successful history of developing enabling technologies used by brands such as Major League Baseball, NBA, Star Trek/CBS, ESPN, Tony Hawk, Babe Ruth, Lady Gaga, Mattel, Interscope Records, Universal Music, Sony Music, Lionsgate, and many more.

“AI is bringing new types of apps to life that were unimaginable just a few years ago.”




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